Treasure Gallery Services | Rug Cleaning and Repair in Toronto, Richmond Hill

We at Treasure Gallery sell antique traditional and oriental area rugs and have the largest collection of fabulous tableau rugs.

Rug Restorations is an art.

The hands that touch your rug are highly skilled. Our repair technicians and weavers are specially trained in the art of rug restoration and repair, carefully restoring damaged pieces to their original condition.

We would guarantee to maintain the same quality in craftsmanship as the original weaver who created your rug.

Our repair & cleaning services include:

  • Rug cleaning & washing
  • Binding
  • Alterations
  • Re-latexing backings
  • Reinforcing weak areas
  • Replacing and removing fringe
  • Colour correcting
  • Invisible re-weaving
  • Patching

Stained or spilled on your rug?

Tips on how to clean and possibly remove the stain quickly.

  1. Try to remove as much of the spill from your rug by using a spoon, clean towel or cloth(Do not scrub the rug cause this can damage the rug)
  2. Poor a little bit of clean water on the affected area(This will ensure that the spill will come out from the inside of the pile)
  3. Remove the dirty water again with spoon, clean towel or cloth
  4. Put lot of salt on the affected area(Since salt has chloride in it, it will destroy the color of the spill or the stain)
  5. Put clean towel or absorbent cloth under the affected are and do the same on top
  6. After few hours when the affected area is dry just vacuum it
  7. If the stain shows then you need to bring your rug in and we have one of our specialized rug cleaner to remove the stain for you.
  8. Under no circumstance use Yogurt as this must be done by professional and if it stayed for too long it can destroy the color of your rug.

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