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Welcome to our private selection of rare master pieces by some of the worlds' best known Persian rug weaver and workshops.
Our private selection rug's are the most magnificent collection that you would see. We have rugs from Mashhad by Saber, Amoghli, Soleimani, Shihkalani, Sheikh Borangi, Barakchi, Ahadian, Golparvar, etc. Isfahan rug from master Haj Reza Seirafian the father of the 7 Golden son Seirafian family, Emami, Hekmat Nejad Majnouni, Haghighi, Mehdiei, Nael, Sanayeh, Dardashti etc. Tabriz rugs from Nezam, Qareh Baghi, Bagher Naghashpour, etc. Qum from Rashtizadeh, jamshidi, Erami, Zabihi etc.

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Please fill out the following form with your complete information, requirement describe your setting and color you like, advise where you would like to use the master piece. One of our staff will review the information, give you access to our private collection and will follow up with a phone call for further discussion.If you do not see one that you like, send us an email and we guarantee you to sort the magnificent rug you are looking for.

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