About Treasure Gallery

Treasure Gallery founder who has been in the rug business for over 40 yrs. Mr Hosseini started in the rug business in the mid-60s when he was just a 12 yrs old boy. By the age of 30 mid ’80s, he started a rug business in Switzerland and the European market including Germany, Italy and etc… He was awarded to be the head of the newly formed Rug Merchant for the middle east back in ’90s due to his honesty, integrity, and experience in the European market. During the new millennium, he moved to Toronto in the late '90s and started a retail business in Toronto. In the year 2007, he opened up his shop called Treasure Gallery as a specialty store in top quality fine masterpieces Rug & Tableau Rug.

The Treasure Gallery is the most well-known store in Persian Rug along the longest and very famous Yonge St in Toronto, Canada.

Treasure Gallery has the finest selection of Rug & Tableau Rug in North America. The store is becoming very well-known for its unique rugs & tableau rug. Also, they are the best source for custom orders for any type of premium and exclusive collection of Persian rug & tableau.

Your satisfaction in our store is 100% guaranteed.

All of our Persian and Oriental carpets are genuinely handmade and handpicked works of art. We know when, where and by whom each one of them was made. That’s why when you buy a rug from us it comes with a signed and sealed Certificate of Authenticity, indicating: country and city of origin, material, dimensions, KPSI, and price.

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