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We are specialty shop in ancient world of Persian Hand Woven Rug.
Our entire collection are genuine hand woven and we only carry Persian rugs. They have been handpicked one by one by experts. You will never see a collection anywhere in the world like our collection. We know the history of each carpet and story that tells, who was the artist, painter or sculptures which the rug was made after and where is the original art or which museum is being held at. Each rug will come with a certificate of authenticity indicating: the origin, material, dimension, quality and the retail value.

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Persian rug & tableau rug

The finest rugs & tableau rugs are being weaved in middle east. The tradition goes back to 2500 yrs ago starting in the ancient Persia. It is no wonder that these items always keep their value. Persian rugs always have the traditional patterns and motifs instead tableau rugs are very vivid in color, different theme and they are alive. They feel dimensional due to combination of wool & silk with many different themes.

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